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Zinc Chloride

Zinc chloride is an inorganic salt of zinc with a granular solid appearance. Providing excellent purifying ability as well as excellent catalytic activity, zinc chloride is commonly used as a metallurgical flux and catalyst or supporting accelerator in several industries. As for the electrical-related application, besides the well-known lithium-ion battery, zinc chloride battery is also available due to its low cost, low energy consumption, and longer shelf life. Zinc chloride is available in anhydrous and hydrated forms. We provide zinc chloride in different grades, quantities, and packaging for your market and industry solution.

steel pipelines and cables in a plant,Industrial zone.

Manufacturing Process

Anhydrous and hydrated forms exist for zinc chloride. By using a chemical reaction, zinc chloride can be obtained through the reaction of zinc carbonate, zinc oxide, zinc sulphide, or zinc metal with hydrochloric acid


Metal and Steel

Zinc chloride acts as a flux or purifying agent for the soldering process to expose the clean metal surface by dissolving the excess oxides on the metal surface.


Zinc chloride is utilised as a supporting accelerator for the rubber vulcanization process.

Textile industry with knitting machines in factory


Concentrated zinc chloride is used as a solvent for natural polymers which are used as raw material or additives in textile.


IUPAC Name : Zinc Chloride

Chemical Formula : ZnCl2

Cas No. : 7646-85-7

Appearance : Fine White Powder

HS Code : 28273990